Recycling in Portland, Oregon (and beyond)

      1.    Reuse / Repurpose / Reclaim / Recycled Art

      2.   Curbside Recycling

      3.   Far West Fibers
§      No # plastics – soft and rigid (ex. plastic bags, packaging)
§      #1-7 – rigid plastics (ex. clamshells, odd-shaped plastics)
§      Bigger pieces of metal and cardboard
§      Athletic shoes – Nike-reuse-a-shoe program
§      Crayons
§      Vegetable oil

      4.   Metro
b.    Neighborhood Clean-Ups

      5.   Oregon E-Cycles – Electronics recycling

      6.   Best Buy / Ace Hardware / Select schools
§      Batteries
§      Ink Cartridges

      7.   Moreland Farmers Market – Styrofoam recycling
“The last Wednesday of every market month (May – September) you can bring your clean, block styrofoam to the market for recycling. Julie Wallace of Wallace Books will transport the waste to the recycling center.”

      8.   UPS store – Accepts Styrofoam packing peanuts for reuse

      9.  Portland Women’s Crisis Line – Drop off sites for phones and chargers – donations go to survivors of domestic violence

      10. Goodwill / The Arc / Salvation Army – donate furniture, clothing, knick-knacks

      11. The Rebuilding Center / SCRAP – donate home and building materials / craft supplies

12.  Nike - Reuse-A-Shoe Program – send your old shoes (any brand) to Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe and they'll be turned into a material used to make running tracks and basketball or volleyball courts.

13. Patagonia - Common Threads Initiative – Patagonia makes new garments out of Polartec (check the tag of any fleece item) and other clothing made by Patagonia.

14. The Pen Guy – send your non-working pens to the Pen Guy and he will creat art with them! “The pen guy hopes to collect over a Million Pens locally and from around the world to continue gluing pens on the Mercedes Pens and create other art projects and maybe one day build Pentopia, a magical world of pens.”

Send your old pens to:

        The Pen Guy
2425 Mendocino Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

15. Recycle Your Mat – send in your old yoga mats and Recycle Your Mat turns them into lining material for laptop bags or donated to a community yoga program.